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Becoming an Atmoso partner will enable your business to offer the power and potential of our RevolutionCloud product suite to your own customers. RevolutionCloud is the perfect platform to deliver your own business services, providing you top-of-the-range cloud infrastructure for your needs, or to package and deliver our solutions as your own.

A partnership with us is a journey. As our platform evolves, so too do the solutions at your disposal.

The Atmoso difference

RevolutionCloud is a newly launched platform, but it’s already growing fast. As an Atmoso partner, you’ll be in on the ground floor of a rapidly evolving landscape.

It may seem a little arrogant to call our product a “must have” – but we’ve seen the marketplace, we’ve seen the competition, and we believe RevolutionCloud is uniquely positioned to enable resellers and their customers to future-proof their businesses like no-one else.

What can Atmoso do for you?

Atmoso for carriers

If you’re a data provider, we’ve got a perfect proposition for you. Our RevolutionCloud services are at their best when you’re connected directly to our central core – and that’s just what you can enable your customers to do.

With a resilient link to our superfast transit layer, you can empower your customers with the speed and security of true cloud connectivity, without compromising their ability to connect out to the World Wide Web.

We’re already working with several partners including Gamma, TalkTalk Business, City Fibre / Entanet, Colt and Virtual1. In addition, our in-house technical team will liaise closely with your own, ensuring we deliver the level of support and expertise you’d expect from your own staff.

Atmoso for IT resellers

If you’re a purveyor of traditional IT equipment and services, the cloud is a perfect opportunity for you to compliment your existing supply – and your revenue.

Not only does our true cloud platform enable significant value for your customers, but it also opens up a stream of reliable, recurring revenue for yourself. And with management and support of Atmoso’s services remaining firmly under our control, tapping into this revenue stream takes minimal effort on your part.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re offering additional cloud services like telephony and PCI compliance – the ideal opportunity to grow your offering in new directions.

Atmoso for telecoms resellers

We believe the future of telephony is in the cloud. If you’re a traditional telecoms reseller, you’re invited to join us for exciting new developments in the recording and contact centre space and of course to introduce other cloud IT services as well.

We’re working with industry experts to develop a cloud telephony, recording and contact centre suite that’s unique in the marketplace. Scalable and Opex-focused, cloud voice represents great value and future-proofing for your customers, and a powerful revenue stream for you.

Additionally, with our long-standing repertoire of cloud IT solutions and other services like PCI compliance, you can bolster your offering with IT, to provide even greater value.


If you’d like to become a partner, talk to us today. We want to build great, long-standing relationships with our partners, so we choose them carefully. Let us know how you could empower your customers with RevolutionCloud; we’ll review your application and, fingers crossed, you’ll soon be on the Atmoso journey with us.

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The cloud IT and telecoms landscape is rapidly evolving, and we’re at the forefront. Partner with us, and you’ll enjoy a value proposition and competitive advantage you won’t find elsewhere.

We’re an experienced and knowledgable team that’s passioniate about technology – the perfect addition to your business arsenal. Chat to us today, and we’ll explore the possibilities of mutual success through partnership.

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