Total visibility enables total control. The RevoWFO suite offers complete contact centre insight and analytics.

Key Features

Workforce management

Agent scheduling, forecasting and reporting


Quality management

Comprehensive agent training and engagement

Call recording

Intuitive and compliant record/playback


Voice analytics

Automated transcription for easy in-depth review


Interaction recording

Feature-rich data capture and collation

Fully modular

Seamless integration between components

Business Benefits

Eyes and ears everywhere

Call centre managers have total visibility of every call by every agent. This data is seamlessly captured and collated, enabling fine or coarsegrained tracking of multiple metrics. Automated transcription, screen recording and event reconstruction ensure nothing is missed, and recordings comply with regulatory requirements.

Take control

Turn information into action. A comprehensive workforce management suite with scheduling and shift management, budgeting, reporting, trends and forecasting supports improved productivity and performance. An intuitive agentfacing portal enables maximum control and empowers agents with self-improvement tools.

Maximum efficiency, maximum value

The entire RevoWFO feature set is modular, allowing managers to capture only the information they need to improve business performance, productivity, customer service and cost savings.

How it works

The concept of moving contact centre applications to the cloud is not new, and many suppliers have introduced hosted services which they claim offer the power of premise-based solutions without the infrastructure and support costs. However, early adopters often discover that suppliers cannot meet these claims and must compromise on their requirements as these cloud solutions do not meet all their needs.

RevolutionCloud eliminates the limitations of these early systems. It provides a more cost effective way to acquire standalone contact centre applications from the world’s leading technology suppliers, regardless of the equipment currently used. Users can easily scale up and down without capital expenditure, with superior quality of service and uptime, strict SLAs and the best in enterprise technology.

A full reporting suite, including wallboards, interaction recording and performance management, enables organisations to closely and accurately monitor agent activities and ensure the highest level of customer service is delivered at all times.

Enable total visibility and control in the contact centre with RevoWFO.