Lift your customers’ businesses out of scope with a cloud or on-site PCI solution.

When it comes to card payments, security is your customers’ top priority. We offer a fully managed, proven and award-winning PCI-DSS compliance solution. With tightening Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations and an ever-present threat of fraud from outside and within organisations, a robust and affordable solution is key.

Key Features

Secure card payments

Take payments securely over the phone


Secure web portal

No need for draconian staff policies

De-scope internal networks

Remove agents and the call centre from scope


DTMF masking

No compromise on call recording

Business Benefits

Comply with current and future regulations

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is a framework of requirements that a business taking card payments must adhere to. Meeting the PCI requirements can help you along the complex journey to fulfil the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that becomes law in May 2018.

Avoid costly fines – or worse

Non-compliance can be a costly oversight, as fines of an estimated £4 per transaction (before investigation costs) can be levied and merchants could even withdraw their payment processing service from your business. The volume of transactions you process as a business will determine the criteria you need to meet. Costly audits conducted by Qualified Security Assessors (QSA’s) may be required.

Protect your brand and reputation

If your company takes payments by card and you’re not PCI compliant, you’re at risk of heavy fines – or worse. For most companies, it is the potential damage to their brand and reputation, and the risk of losing business and customers that is driving them to adopt compliance recommendations.

How it works

1) Customer connects to agent and agrees to make a payment, agent opens web portal

2) Customer enters their card details via telephone keypad

3) The solution captures the digits entered by the customer

4) No authentication data is captured by call recording or presented to agent

5) Details are securely sent to the payment provider and transaction is authorised

Give your customers the confidence to take payments over the phone with RevoPCI.