RevoDesktop is the ultimate vehicle to deliver fully managed, on-demand hosted applications to your customers.

Key Features


Leading-edge technology

Enterprise Citrix platform and VMWare vSAN

Cross-device compatibility

Accessible across multiple devices via Citrix

Robust and redundant

Four Tier-2 data centres with N+2 redundancy

Managed by our expert team

We handle maintenance and updates

Capex-free pricing model

No upfront costs, and only pay for what you use.

Integrated hosted email

Setup new accounts or migrate existing ones

Business Benefits

Enables remote working

RevoDesktop is always on and accessible from any desktop or mobile device with an Internet connection. If the office is snowed in, flooded or otherwise inaccessible, staff can stay connected.

Secure and resilient

As part of our RevolutionCloud suite, RevoDesktop benefits from market-leading resilience and business continuity across multiple data centres, secured with industry-leading encryption.

Hassle-free scalability

Suited to customers of all sizes. RevoDesktop utilises a huge pool of RAM, storage and CPU power (cloud compute), allowing it to scale at short notice to meet any business needs.

The ultimate outsourced IT team

RevoDesktop is fully managed by us. Software updates, security patches and maintenance of all kinds are our job, not yours, and support is only a call away, 24/7.

How it works

For the end user, RevoDesktop functions like an ordinary PC. The user logs in to find their desktop, files and applications, just as they’d expect. The difference is their desktop isn’t on their PC, it’s hosted in the cloud.

Choose from “quick start” shared hosting with Windows OS and standard apps like Microsoft Office, or build your own private environment with bespoke software and your choice of operating system and deployed applications.

Our solution

In our modern mobile world, many of us use multiple devices to work – an office computer, a home computer, a laptop, mobiles and tablets. Creating a unified infrastructure enabling you to work seamlessly between these devices can be a challenge to say the least.

RevoDesktop enables your customers to use these devices as “windows” io a unified platform. Applications, email and more, accessible with true mobility and continuity.

Prices starting from as little as £26 per month…