22nd November 2017, Whiteley – Fareham-based cloud IT provider TheCloud Limited has announced it is rebranding as Atmoso Limited. This name change comes alongside a shift in the company’s core vision and values, as well as an expanded portfolio of cloud services.

Along with this name and brand refresh, Atmoso have launched a new corporate website, which offers further insight into the company’s mission and how it is “empowering partners” through technology.

Since its inception in 2010, Atmoso Limited has been steadily refining its offering of cloud IT products, which are powered by the company’s own “RevolutionCloud” infrastructure. Atmoso’s services include online data backup and recovery, hosted desktops, virtual servers and more. As of 2017, the company has invested in alternative cloud services for business, such as telephony and PCI-DSS compliance. It was this broadening of Atmoso’s portfolio that sparked the corporate rebrand.

“We felt that with our portfolio branching out in new directions – the voice and contact centre suite, the PCI compliance piece, et cetera – that what we had was no longer just a ‘cloud’, but more of a connected ‘atmosphere’,” explains Managing Director Daniel Crespi. “From that idea of an atmosphere came the new name – Atmoso.”

As well as this ‘connected atmosphere’ of services, Crespi places emphasis on the relationships between Atmoso and its channel partners. “When we take on partners, we’re entering into a shared journey with them. We want to share common objectives and goals, to share in their growth and success; we want them to see the Atmoso team as an extension of their own. In that sense the Atmoso name applies to the ‘atmosphere’ that connects ourselves and our partners.”

Moving forward, Atmoso plans to establish its latest cloud offerings as brands in their own right. Still under development is its voice suite, a set of technologies including call recording, workforce management, analytics and more. This suite is scalable and modular to suit businesses from small start-ups to large contact centres. Also in line to shake up the marketplace is its cloud PCI compliance solution, which looks to make traditionally prohibitively expensive telephone card payment security accessible to any business, and is completely carrier agnostic.

Of Atmoso’s future, Crespi is confident: “I believe Atmoso will be delivering the best customer experience in the market, and be the most recommended channel provider of these next generation cloud services in the UK within five years.”