Today we’re excited to announce the formal launch of RevoDesktop, our enterprise virtual desktop solution. RevoDesktop enables your customers to move their desktops seamlessly to the cloud, offering the ability to provide a full desktop environment, without the costly capex which comes with purchasing servers and desktops for an on-premise solution.

Traditionally, getting teams up and running with computer systems is a costly expense for businesses, as is moving to alternative solutions. On-premise desktop hardware and software represent a significant investment – not to mention the ongoing cost of maintenance, support and upgrades. With the rise of flexible working, investing in an inflexible and non-scalable on premise desktop solution is becoming an increasingly poor proposition.

Fortunately, cloud desktop is there to pick up the slack. Shifting traditional capex hardware expenditure to a cloud-based opex model offers all manner of cost and efficiency savings. RevoDesktop is our enterprise-grade foray into this marketplace. RevoDesktop can scale to meet customer demands in number of users, accessibility and resource requirements, and benefits from the unrivaled power and expert support of our RevolutionCloud infrastructure. Cloud desktops are not a new concept, but the combination of our resilient platform, dedicated support team, and excellent partner benefits set RevoDesktop apart.

RevoDesktop for customers

To the end user RevoDesktop functions like an ordinary desktop PC. The user logs in to the cloud environment and is presented with their desktop along with business applications, from Microsoft Office to bespoke packages. The key difference to the user is that they can access this desktop via any device, with the device acting not as the workhorse but simply for “streaming” the desktop environment; the workload is handled in the cloud.

For customer IT staff, RevoDesktop is perfectly hassle-free. The platform can scale to accommodate any number of users, from ten to ten thousand, and any resource requirement. Additionally, dedicated support is provided directly from ourselves.

RevoDesktop for partners

For our partners, RevoDesktop represents a significant value proposition. The opex model makes RevoDesktop a perfect opportunity for recurring revenue – low risk, with minimal commitment required. We handle setup, support and maintenance in-house, so no technical knowledge is necessary on the partner side. Supplying RevoDesktop really is as simple as having a customer base to supply to. It’s an ideal addition to a partner’s portfolio, particularly for providers traditionally focused on telecoms who are looking to expand their repertoire into IT with minimum risk or fuss.

We’ve invested heavily and strived to make RevoDesktop the best cloud platform it can be. It’s poised to make a real impact in the marketplace, and for potential partners, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor. We look forward to enabling great efficiency and cost savings for customers in the coming months.